Email Design: make the difference with your graphic creations

Rely on Email Design! The art of seducing your contacts by offering them a striking experience through a visual enhancement of the contents of your email messages.

Ergonomic, colorimetric, graphic optimisation… Boost your acquisition, clicks and transformation rates by adding emotion and distinction. Reinforce the appeal of your email campaigns.

In line with your graphic charter, our digital Studio helps you create and optimise the design of all the elements of your email campaigns: occasional email messages, reusable newsletter templates, forms, pop-in, landing pages, etc.

By default, our Studio integrates in its graphical approach the different consultation devices of your operation: telephone, tablet, mobile, etc.

Motion Design: enliven your emails to increase their impact

With +20% of clicks on average on an animated area of an email, our Email Designers use all the techniques of Motion Design to offer you the graphic elements integrated into your marketing campaign and allow you to differentiate yourself:

  • Animated GIF: looped animated image with high viral potential
  • Cinemagraph: dynamic photography in which only one element is animated by a repetitive movement and which is elegantly rendered.
  • Kinetic E-mail: animations integrated into an e-mail to enhance key content.

Dolist Digital Studio in numbers, equals to...

Réalisations graphiques
150 graphic creations per year

Créatifs passionnés
11 passionate creatives

Satisfaction client
Customer Satisfaction: 3,7/4

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