Outsource the technical implementation of your email campaigns

Delegate the technical development of the different elements of your email campaigns to save time and improve marketing performance. Whether simple or complex operations, the Dolist Factory takes care of all the technical creations of your emailing operations:

  • Email HTML coding optimised for deliverability and responsiveness
  • HTML/CSS development of reusable email templates
  • HTML integration of your newsletters in an existing email template
  • HTML optimisation of all your existing campaign elements to offer an optimal reading and browsing experience to your contacts, even during mobile consultation (Responsive Design)
  • HTML coding and integration of other features associated with your email campaigns: pop-in, landing pages, secure forms…

Use HTML techniques for dynamic and interactive emails

Boost your click-through rates by dynamizing and creating interactivity in your email campaigns. Our HTML Email integrators are constantly testing new performance drivers for your campaigns:

  • Live Content for a dynamic display of content in the email (depending on the opening hour, countdown timer, geolocation, feedbacks, web information feeds or social networks…).
  • Technical designs of your surveys for an optimal collection of your customers’ opinions or of qualifying data on your prospects
  • HTML coding of your promotional games with multiple possible formats: quizzes, on & offline scratch game, wheel of fortune, advent calendar…
  • Gamification Email for a playful and interactive approach of the presentation of a product or content in an email message
  • Customised and secure HTML development to optimise the acquisition of your web traffic via tailor-made pop-in and forms.

Dolist Factory & HTML Email is all about...

Constant monitoring

Constant monitoring to follow up the technical evolutions of email providers and ISPs

international trends

Constant search for innovations and trends on an international scale

Research & development

Research & development, regular testing of new HTML Email techniques

Technological Efficiency

Efficiency with identification of new email coding that succeeds by using KPIs

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